Strange how I denied my own destiny when it was clear so early that stories are my thing. In kindergarten, I started to make up stories and began to write them down as soon as I learned to write and read. It was there from the start, my dream of being a writer. In my teenage years, I became obsessed with writing. My future seemed obvious.


But then reason intervened. Writing won't get me very far careerwise, I heard in my head. So I studied communication science, tried out journalism, TV and public relations. But at a certain point, I had to admit to myself: I don't want to go this way! That's not what I'm here for! I have to share these stories in my head with the world. There will be people who need them.

My ego got in the way again. I can never earn enough money with fictional writing. The eternal battle between intellect and gut feeling. So, I wrote non-fiction books. They're easier to market and sell. It went pretty well, but this nagging feeling didn't stop: That's not what you want!

Finally, I took the plunge and followed my instinct. Now I don't make any false compromises. Only because of this I was able to publish my novel "City of Lies". I learned to say no to anything that wasn't good for me and trusted my gut instinct more.

With the publication of my debut novel, a new wish came up. I want to help people who also know the feeling of: There has to be more. As a coach, I suppport those who have had the dream of writing for a long time.


My credo nowadays, which I always share with my clients: "Follow your energy!" Everything that inspires you is an invitation. The only thing you need to do is accept it.

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