What I am working on

Red Lilly

ISBN-68-not yet assigned


My current favourite and at the same time the project I am most afraid of - a pirate story. The theme is freedom. I've been sitting here for a long time. I know the beginning, the end, my protagonists and their backstory and so on, but again and again, I have the feeling that something that connects all the characters is still missing. At the moment I'm on fire for this project again and it could very well be that I've cracked the story by now.

The decision

ISBN-56-not yet assigned


I am currently working intensively on this text. I went all the way back to plotting, asked myself what my characters actually want, who they really are, what motivates them, what I even want to say with this story, where the actual conflicts lie, etc.

At the moment I spend a lot of time in the university library, my current "office", writing the 2nd version of this story from scratch.


Update: This project is on hold for now - I think I did too much doctoral work on it.



The Beauty of Blood

ISBN-58-not yet assigned


I love vampire stories. As a big fan of Anne Rice, they always fascinate me. This is my very personal vampire story that I just have to write. I've already written a "complete" outline, but I don't like it yet. With the help of Lisa Cron's " Story Genius " (PL) I would like to go back to the beginning of the story. I don't know yet whether I'll do that right after my pirate story "Red Lilly". 

Help! My friend is a spy! Book series

ISBN-58-not yet assigned


I was just thinking that for a good chance of success on Amazon I would need a book series of at least 3 parts. And the very next day I had a super sexy idea that fits perfectly into three books. Ideas are written down and saved immediately. I'm already looking forward to this project, which could also be a bit more humorous than my other works.

Coffee, Death & Cigarettes

ISBN-58-not yet assigned


A cop befriends his mysterious neighbour only to find out that she's involved in a serial killer murder case he's working on.

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