I coach intuitive writers who do not approach writing in linear 1-2-3 steps. If you change projects often and cannot (do not want to) escape the pull of new ideas you are in the right place. You might even be one of those writers who are constantly battling themselves.


I can help you


  • discover and use your intuition for your creative process


  • find your very own personal writing process


  • express yourself in your true, undisguised voice


  • connect with your characters in an intense, intimate way,


  • while healing your creative wounds.


If you are expecting a traditional coaching style, I am probably not the right person for you. For me, it's not about word counting as a performance indicator. I'm not going to keep you busy with writing homework. As a writer, I don't follow a straightforward writing process myself.


In our sessions, you will explore your writing and your creativity in a kind of talk therapy with me. I give you the space to reflect on yourself. I don't want to impose a fixed writing program on you with predetermined goals. I help you discover the next steps for yourself. Be it to tackle a problem with a persistent character, a scene, or a real relationship problem.


I prefer to do meetings over the phone or through Whereby.


Each session lasts one hour:


1 SESSION = 120 €


So that we can get to know each other, I offer you the first coaching session free of charge. Write to me today if you feel addressed by my offer.

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