Let me be your plot doctor

Many writers and screenwriters know this and fear it. You have written hundreds of pages of a story. You invested months, even years, and then realize that the story runs nowhere or doesn't make sense. The core of the story that holds it all together remains hidden.


I'll look at your manuscript or a summary of the plot and then ask you questions. These questions will help you better understand your own story and the characters in it. We can do this together even before you have written one page.

If you can see through your story, it will be easier to write. You will understand which elements are the most important. You can see the red thread that connects every story element.

Often the superficial plot has a deeper meaning. A good story builts around an all-connecting theme that also drives the characters. Don't worry if you can't see this right now, but I will help you find it. Once you have recognized the theme, a lot becomes clearer and thus easier to write. As the theme is often connected to you, the writer, you can now dive into the emotions of your characters.

The characters' motives, the conflicts between the characters become more distinct. This will help you make the plot even more exciting for the readers.


You are welcome to use my contact form for an inquiry or send me an email to anja@asrenner.com


COSTS for a plot report: 60 € per hour

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