How to Use Social Media and Not Feel Bad

Social Media can be draining and taking a toll on my creativity. To be honest, sometimes I wish I could turn the damn thing off, delete all my profiles and leave for good. BUT I have friends online, really good friends, and I want to stay in contact with them. I wanna know what they are thinking about these days, and I want to meet more intuitive and creative people.

I am not the only one having this love-hate relationship with Social Media. So, I asked my creative friends about how they stand with Social Media and came up with some tips to help us all be more mindful.

  • If you are bored and in need of a distraction, don't scroll through Social Media. You could use boredom to get creative but if you are in the mood for new insights why not hop over to your email account. Get newsletters from inspiring websites. You could start with my favourite newsletters: Austin Kleon,, The Red Hand Files by Nick Cave. Search for your interests online and find people that share their experience with you. Better than any other news channels, trust me!

  • Karen Hugg wrote about changing your own mindset about posting. It is not about showing off but to give something of worth to people. You could have in mind a certain person like your younger self or a friend you can talk to about everything. Ask yourself what you are about to post is helpful for anyone or just showing off.

  • My dear friend Peg Cheng has a good practice using Twitter nowadays. She sets a timer. She started out with 5 minutes a day and realised this is not enough for her and she'd ignore the timer. But now she gives herself 20-30 minutes and sticks to that.

  • I take breaks. While using Social Media, I listen to my body and my mind. If it gets all fuzzy, or I start getting anxious, angry ... all negative feelings, I leave! I have no problem to leave for some days in a row! It helps to stop the input for a while and get back on track with yourself and your creativity. Give yourself a calm, quiet space and head.

  • Gina Lucia ( talks about cold emailing as a marketing tool. Using cold emailing will stop your dependence on Social Media for your business. This might lift a weight from your shoulders and take the pressure off. Should I ever get fed up with Twitter and Co., I am already working on using cold emailing as another marketing tool. Gina gives great advice on "How to Grow Your Freelance Business Without Social Media".

My mindset right now is: Follow the flow. If I feel like it, I post something worth sharing via Social Media. I try to avoid mindlessly scrolling though and will stop myself as soon as I feel anxious or tense in my body.

To connect with me, you can use Social Media, subscribe to my newsletter OR write me an email I'd love to hear about your relationship with Social Media.

AS Renner is the author of the novel City of Lies. Under the pseudonym Sina Jasur, she has published several non-fiction books on topics such as Minimalism, Self-Publishing on Amazon and Nutrition. As a coach for intuitive writing, she supports creatives in finding their own voice. The subscribers to her newsletter are currently receiving the free eBook "Intuitive Writing. My Seven Steps to a Finished Novel."

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