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Are you stuck?


You are devoting all your energy to writing, but you still don't have the book. You followed every writing tip, yet you can't seem to finish it! Every day is another battle against yourself. ​

If only you could sit down and break the cycle of guilt and self-doubt. If you could get the words out - the right words - you'd finally be able to finish this draft. But what you write feels lifeless and nothing like you. 


You keep hitting a wall day after day, ready to give up writing for good and letting your unfinished projects rot in the drawer of your desk.

It's an endless circle of pain. Whenever a shiny new idea pops up, you suddenly feel this boost of energy again, hope racing through your veins. This might be it. This time you'll get there.

And the agonizing cycle starts again.

Time to Finish Your Novel (2).png
Time to Finish Your Novel (5).png

I know how you feel and I know what will help:

A creative writing process that works for you.

It's Time to Finish Your Novel!

Read on:

I will guide you through the mist.

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