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Who I am

Your guide to a finished novel

Making up stories has been part of my life even before I was able to write. Daydreaming in kindergarten, scribbling down my thoughts in school, short stories and songs as a teen.

I studied Communication Science and learned in public relations that humans use stories to understand life.

I read every book about writing I could get my hands on and started self-publishing non-fiction books to get out of the 9 to 5 cycle.

But what I always dreamt of was writing novels. I had been working on stories all my life, pushing this dream whenever I could.


There were times I was really hard on myself because I never seemed to be able to finish that book! I was ready to give up, but, of course, this was no option.

I couldn't stop writing novels even if I wanted to. So I wondered: 

How can something you're so passionate about be that hard?

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My secret to success

And you will get there, too!

Everything came together when I understood that I could read thousands and more craft books, yet reading wouldn't get me anywhere until I started to trust myself!

I needed to permit myself to have my unique writing process. Not forcing myself to do anything but letting go and following my energy was the trick. 

Publishing my first novel felt scary and awesome at the same time. My most significant success, though, is that I finally understand how my creativity works best. 

My novel-writing process is no longer overshadowed by pressure and self-doubt. Writing is what it was supposed to be all along: Fun! 

If you're up for it, I'll help you create a writing process that works for you. I will guide you through the mist and onto a clear path of writing joy.  


Your ideas are meaningful, important, and valuable — and the world needs to hear them.

Time to finish your novel.


Read on: How I help you finish that book!

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