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Fall in love with writing again

Having many writer friends, I know we all are on the lookout for the flow. To sit down, pour our ideas onto the page and feel energised by it is one of the most incredible experiences. My goal as a coach is to help you realise what you need to get into that state of flow. I want you to go over the finish line full of energy, not worn out or broken. 

Bring back that spark to writing

Let's bring back that spark

My offer for you if you book coaching with me.

The Novelist Questionnaire

With the help of this questionnaire, I will get to know you and your project. The goals you have, your story and its characters. You got two weeks to answer those questions, and you will want to take your time as this will jumpstart your coaching experience. No worries, there are no wrong answers, and the coaching program will begin when I send my first coaching email after reading your questionnaire.

A Personalised Coaching Experience

There are many reasons we get stuck writing a novel. After I read and reviewed your answers to the questionnaire, I'll come back to you, and we start your personalised coaching process cut down to your needs. Do you want daily or weekly reminders to write, or do you need help with understanding your characters, or do you need someone to help you bring back creativity in your life? Together, we will discover how I can support you best.

Writing prompts

I'll send you writing prompts that shall help you dig deeper. Thus, you start to understand yourself as a creative person. We will also look at the core of your novel and the characters in it to determine if the reasons you are stuck are hidden there. 

Unique tips and exercises

Based on our email exchange, I will give you additional tips and exercises to clarify what you need to write your novel. I share with you all the tips and tricks I learned as a writer and self-publisher of fiction and non-fiction books. I'll support you in every way I can. 

Your Plan

All the above steps aim to create a next-step action plan unique to you as a creative person and your story. This will provide you with a clear path to move forward.

Weekly Check-In

I will check in with you every week to see how you move forward. There won't be any pressure coming from me, just a gentle reminder that I am here for you. My emails will encourage you to reflect on where you're at and help you stay focused on what is most important to you.


As many Emails as you need

You can write to me as often as you like. Let it all out to get the clarity you need. Everything we talk about is 100% confidential. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Extra: 40-Minute Video Coaching Call

If you want to talk to me face-to-face I offer 40-minute video coaching sessions for my clients as well.


Book Your Coaching Experience

Email Coaching











Questions? Send me an email:

Coaching Call





I keep my Wednesdays open

for video coaching and do sessions

over Skype or Zoom.

Questions? Send me an email:

Why you'll love  Email Coaching

  • The last thing you need is one more video call added to your list. Imagine having a great writing idea, finally being back in the game, only to be forced to interrupt it to talk to your coach! 

  • Email coaching is more convenient. You don't need to schedule your hectic day around a coaching session—no preparations to make before a call. You read and answer my emails when you feel like it.

  • There is no pressure to get all the questions into a live one-hour session. Please, write as many Emails as you need during our coaching time together. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • Sometimes it might be difficult for you to explain things verbally. Email coaching is very effective as you can take your time with wording things how you want to.

  • In a live coaching call, you might need to focus on expressing what is going through your head while jotting down notes to avoid forgetting the advice you get. With email coaching, you have a written account that you will always be able to go back to revisit! You will see the progress you made.

  • Email coaching is customised just for you. I won't quickly answer your emails on the go! I will read, reflect and let my intuition work with what you wrote. You will be getting detailed and personalised answers from me with specific suggestions and resources for your creative and life situation.

  • We can talk about everything as your creativity connects to all parts of your life. Email coaching is 100% confidential. I want you to feel safe with me. You get the space to be vulnerable and honest with yourself. This honesty will help you take significant steps towards a fulfilled, creative life

Learn how to empower yourself as an author

and write a great story with characters people care about.

Book Email Coaching with Me

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