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You activate the coaching contract below by paying the monthly fee of 199 € via the PayPal or Debit/Credit Card button.


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You will receive the following contract after receipt of your payment, together with the questionnaire for writers. You can terminate the contract between the two of us at any time (by sending an email to





Coaching contract


Between: Your first name, surname, street, house number, postcode, town, country


- hereinafter referred to as coaching partner - and



Anja Schüler-Renner (AS Renner), Prießnitzstr. 52, 01099 Dresden, Germany


- hereinafter referred to as coach - the following contract is concluded:




§1 Subject matter of the contract


1.1 The subject of the contract is the coaching, which is carried out by the coach for the coaching partner.


1.2 The subject of the coaching is: support of the coaching partner in the completion of a novel


1.3 This contract does not give rise to the right to use the coach for other consultations other than the subject mentioned in §1.2.



§2 Location of the coaching


The coaching takes place online, by email. Talks about Zoom can be booked in addition.



§3 Time frame


3.1 The coaching is unlimited in time and is determined by the needs of the coaching partner.


3.2 The coaching begins with the first payment by the coaching partner.


3.3 The coaching is automatically renewed every month and can be terminated at any time by the coaching partner via email


3.4 This scope can be extended or shortened by the contracting parties. Extensions and abbreviations require the written form (via email) and the consent of both parties.



§4 Area of ​​responsibility of the coach


4.1 The coach undertakes not to pass on any confidential data and information to outside third parties. Furthermore, he undertakes to use the confidential information exclusively for the contractually agreed coaching.


4.2 Confidential information that the coach receives in writing or personal records must be kept so that no unauthorized third party can access it.


4.3 He is obliged to use all techniques and means available to him to the greatest possible benefit of the coaching partner. She has to name another coach for the coaching partner if she cannot lead the coaching professionally to the agreed goal.



§5 Responsibility of the coaching partner


5.1 The coaching partner acknowledges that they are fully responsible for their physical and mental health during the sessions and between the sessions.


5.2 The coaching partner recognises that all steps and measures that they carry out in the course of the coaching are only in their area of ​​responsibility.



§6 Fees and method of payment


6.1 The fee for coaching is EUR 199 per month.



6.2 The agreed fee is debited monthly from the coaching partner's account.



§7 Termination


7.1 Both parties can terminate the contract at any time without notice.


7.2 The termination must be made in writing.


7.3 After the termination has been issued, the fee will be immediately terminated.



§8 Reclaims


8.1 The coaching partner cannot derive the right from this contract to claim amounts already paid.



This contract is valid without a signature and comes into effect with the payment of the first monthly fee by the coaching partner.



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