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How to boost your creativity now

It's easy to be more creative: all you need is boredom. Create a place of silence, and this silence becomes the source for your ideas, your creativity. What exactly do you have to do for it?

Cell phone off, computer off, radio off, book closed. Let other people's voices fade away. You might think this will make your life bland and boring. But isn't it tempting to finally be at peace? Don't you long to shut the door to the noisy world outside?

It doesn't have to be forever. You don't have to become a hermit and move into a cave. You can create a place of silence, no matter where you are. This place arises in you when you switch off the sources of distraction mentioned above. May it only be for a fixed hour a week, or better still, every weekend! There could also be that time for you every morning.

Make a conscious decision in favour of silence. Allow boredom and creativity will follow. The ideas begin to bubble. The desire to try something new will awaken: to continue writing the story, paint a picture, and start taking photos. You'll gain new energy when you slam the door on everything that draws energy from you. Take back control of what is allowed to enter your sphere.

Enable yourself to be bored and endure the initial pain. Take a notebook to write down everything on your mind—light a candle. You can also turn on a relaxing ambience and drink a cup of tea with it. Enjoy the silence, the relaxation that follows. You don't have to think. You don't have to get upset about other peoples' opinions. Just now, you aren't responsible for anything. There is nothing you need to do right now. Isn't that nice? Doesn't this set you free? How slowly time suddenly flows. Could you take this respite regularly?

Try it and tell me if it has brought you further on your journey to more creativity.

Anja, aka AS Renner, is the author of the novel City of Lies. She has a passion for people and their stories. As a writing coach, she supports creatives who got stuck. The subscribers to her newsletter are currently receiving the free eBook "Intuitive Writing. My Seven Steps to a Finished Novel."


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